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General FAQ's

Do you work weekends and evenings?

Saturdays – Mornings only.
Sundays – Closed.
Evenings – Residential last job at 3:30. Commercial we can work out of hours.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes, we are members of Trustwave and PC1 compliant – which is the payment card industry data security standard (PCIDSS)

Are you fully insured?

Yes, to belong to an organisation like The National Carpet Cleaners Association, Woolsafe and CheckaTrade, which we are members of, you must be fully insured both for public and product liability. You would be surprised how many carpet cleaners are not.

Are you a Franchise?

No, we are a friendly family owned company, my wife Christine will normally receive your calls or emails. If the line is engaged it will divert to my mobile. So, nine times out of ten you should get through to one of us. We pride ourselves on answering the phone so you speak to a person and not an answer machine.

I see some carpet cleaners quote for a basic clean?

Basically, you will be given a low price to sound like you are getting a bargain, when they turn up, they say you need a deep clean – this will be extra on the price, and didn’t include deodoriser, VAT etc. The chances of you paying the price you were quoted are highly unlikely. In my experience, the lowest price and best value are never the same. They may be NCCA members but probably not, NCCA and “Woolsafe” approved.

Do you have special offers?

Yes, if we clean your 3 piece suite we will clean one of the armchairs free of charge. Our most popular offer for carpets is our whole property deals.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, the price quoted is the price you pay (assuming the size information given is correct). In fact, we give complimentary Conditioner, Deodoriser and Anti-bacterial treatment, which other companies may charge extra for.

So how do you work out the price?

We have made our pricing structure very simple for you and us, we don’t need to know the square footage of your room, just tell us if your lounge is small, medium or large and if your bedroom is single or double. We also have discounted set prices for whole properties, which makes it easier to work out, so, as a rule, we don’t need to come out. However, for anything above a 4 bedroom house, or commercial work, we do a survey first.

Technical FAQ's

We have a large office area that needs cleaning is this something you can do?

Most definitely, we have a machine which is ideal for large area offices tiles we regularly get asked to clean Pubs, Clubs, Offices, and Nursing Homes etc. for this reason we are CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) registered. We are fully CIS compliant.

You are called The Carpet Cleaners but do you clean upholstery as well?

Yes, we have cleaned hundreds of suites over the years, leather, dry clean only, steam clean. By the way, we have an offer on a 3-piece suite (1 armchair cleaned FOC).

Do you hire out your machines?

Sorry, we don’t, cleaning carpets and upholstery correctly is not just whizzing over with a hired machine. Even for a small job, I need a vanload of equipment and products. The ph level before and after needs to be checked. Carpets and Upholstery should be pre-sprayed and aggregated prior to cleaning. We have dedicated spot and stain removers for tea, coffee, red wine, gum etc. Wool has to be cleaned differently from synthetic carpets, it has to be cleaned with a Woolsafe approved product, and a hot water extraction machine alone will not take out all stains. Apart from my main machinery, I have over 50 spot and stain removal products, Blowers, Dryers, rakes etc. Hire machines from DIY stores are not as powerful as our machines, and will take too long to dry, start to smell, could shrink, and if the wrong product is used the colour could run. If you are thinking of hiring a machine because you need to clean the carpets for an “end of tenancy” agreement and don’t want to pay too much. We have a special price for whole properties that are empty, we cost a lot less than you might imagine. So why not give us a call and get them cleaned professionally.

I don’t want harmful products/chemicals used on my carpets and Upholstery?

We us a product called Chemspec DFC105 Carpet Cleaner/Rinse, which is fully independently validated to fully back up all environment and health claims. Our product contains 100% natural ingredients, safe around vulnerable people such as the sick, allergic, elderly, pregnant woman, children and babies and pets. This is also used on upholstery too and gives outstanding results. It is also Woolsafe approved.

I didn’t realise you needed to clean Wool carpets in a different way?

Any wool or woolmix carpets should only be cleaned with Woolsafe products and only a Woolsafe Approved Fibrecare Specialist should be used. We are members of Woolsafe (see our Woolsafe page).

Are your machines as powerful as truck mounted machines?

Yes. We use various machines. We are licensed operators of the ‘Dry Fusion’ System, which only uses woolsafe products and we also use an Airflex ‘Storm’ hot water extraction system, which gives the power of a truck mount system but the flexibility of a portable unit, and a fast drying time that wouldn’t be possible any other way. These machines are top of the range, we believe with the combination of both systems we can give you clean carpets that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Do you use green products?

Yes: Green Seal Certified see and greenguard (Indoor Air Quality Certified)

I’ve heard that once you have your carpets cleaned they get dirty quicker?

Years ago, people would “shampoo their carpets” just scrub in the shampoo and leave. This would attract dirt quite quickly. If you accidentally dropped washing-up liquid on your carpet it would soon turn black in the same scenario. Over time things have changed, a professional carpet cleaner would now have different types of products and equipment for various fibres and fabrics. We use an acidic rinse, for neutralising alkaline that would otherwise have attracted dirt and grime, keeping carpets cleaner for longer.

13:10 02 Jul 24
Nick was very prompt, explained everything and then got on with it. One cup of tea later Hallway, stairs landing and two rugs all dome to a lovely finish, with a viewable difference. Tassels on rugs are no hassles. Would recommend.
Jean NurseJean Nurse
10:57 24 Jun 24
Superb and professional service … I am extremely impressed and have no hesitation in highly recommending
Cat RutherfordCat Rutherford
16:53 09 Dec 23
They were able to fit us in last minute for a stair and landing carpet clean. Very professional and did a great job, will definitely use again as was a great price. Thanks, Cat Rutherford
John HamptonJohn Hampton
19:31 25 Sep 23
We had hall, stairs and landing cleaned along with two armchairs. The furniture had had some heavy use and we have a dog. Mr. Harvell arrived at the allotted time and was exceptionally professional. The job was well done and results great. We will certainly use this service again and would recommend him strongly.
Becky CarterBecky Carter
21:01 07 Sep 23
Nick came to clean my carpets today (stairs, landing, two bedrooms). He was on time, polite, professional and did a fantastic job. My carpets look wonderful and so much cleaner. Great price too. 100% will use this company next time I need my carpets cleaned.
Easy Care SystemsEasy Care Systems
10:09 29 Jul 23
Nick arrived on time and completed an excellent job. NO MORE stains from all the coffee and tea spilt on the floor. Also came on a Saturday morning to allow the floor to dry over the weekend. Good job Nick and thank you. Paul Caruana, Managing Director
Martin NorthernMartin Northern
09:55 03 Jul 23
These guys came and cleaned my flat when I moved out and they did an amazing job... Thanks!
Claire SouthwellClaire Southwell
14:50 20 Jun 23
Nick did a fantastical job!
Martin NorthernMartin Northern
12:04 24 Mar 23
Nick came to the office and the carpets never looked better... We can highly recommend
Sarah AtkinsSarah Atkins
11:32 17 Nov 22
We were very happy with the service. The sofas now look far cleaner than my own previous efforts. Lots of stubborn stains and odours gone. Thanks for coming to our rescue at short notice Nick.
Aga SzczypinskaAga Szczypinska
14:43 14 Nov 22
Great service, very professional, quick efficient service and the result on our dirty lounge diner carpet were amazing. Will be using again in future!
Amanda SharpAmanda Sharp
08:07 18 Oct 22
Easy and quick to schedule, on time, professional, and made things look like new again! Have used their services before and will do again.
Cherizza LalagunaCherizza Lalaguna
11:41 10 Sep 22
Nick did amazing job with our flat. The entire flat smells amazing. Absolutely worth every penny.
Ian JosephsIan Josephs
17:46 13 May 21
Fantastic service. Our furniture was cleaned and looks brilliant afterwards. Very happy with the service, price and the results! We will definitely use them again.
Allen JenningsAllen Jennings
07:34 02 Mar 21
Having seen The Carpet Cleaner's van around Fareham, they were my first thought when looking in to having my 3 bed house carpets cleaned.Liaising with them via email was easy with quick responses. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they also clean sofas and are able to wash or dry clean depending on the furniture's need. I also felt reassured by the woolsafe approval they have as some of our carpets are wool fibre.On the day of cleaning The Carpet Cleaners arrived on time and did a small walking tour of our house to confirm which rooms and furniture needed to be cleaned. Cleaning of the sofa was discussed and it's cleaning method identified (this did not alter the quoted price).Cleaning of the carpets took as long as estimated (roughly 1.5 hours).I am currently waiting for the carpets to dry (should only be another couple of hours) but already I can see an improvement in the heavy traffic areas with the pile looking more spritely!I'll update my review once drying has finished.***EDIT***We were very happy once the carpets had dried (they felt dry to the touch very quickly). They now have a new lease of life and look new again! Glad we also opted to have the sofas done at the same time as they too look and smell brand new. A real positive experience from The Carpet Cleaners and would definitely recommend.
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